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Welcome to the NVTN website

The NVTN is sponsored by the Bluemont Repeater Group
and meets every night at 7:30PM on 147.300 MHz (+)

2 Meter Simplex Drill - Aug 30, 2020 from 1800L - 2000L
Freq - 146.550

The NVTN is a component of the National Traffic System in the
local coverage area of the WA4TSC repeater operating at 147.300MHz (+)
The NVTN is a Local Area Net beneath the Section Level Net.
The NTS provides an integrated network structure to promote accurate
and efficient movement of message traffic from origin to destination as
a public service and to train a cadre of Amateur Radio operators to handle
message traffic in an organized and coordinated network environment.
As an added benefit, Net Conrol Stations (NCS) will be trained in the art
of Net Management.


Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field

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