Handling Instruction Meaning
HXA (usually, this sign is followed by a number) Collect landline delivery authorized by addressee within ___ miles. (if no number is given, authorization is unlimited)
HXB (followed by a number, see above) Cancel message if not delivered within ___ hours of filing time; service originating station.
HXC Report time and date of delivery to originating station.
HXD Report to originating station the identity of station from which received, plus date, time, and method of delivery.
HXE Delivering station get reply from addressee; originate message back.
HXF (followed by number, see HXA) Hold delivery until ___ (date).
HXG Delivery by mail or landline toll call not required. If toll or other expense involved, cancel message and service originating station.
If no prosign is used, it is assumed to be HXG.